Weekend BLUES

So, its a Sunday, which means another working week BEGINS in this part of the world. Though some consolation can be had, that with the rest of the world still off, today is going to be a slow day.

Not to bring everyone down and out, but the week for me has started with me being thankful for my two girls. It started out with a voice message sent to me from my previous nanny, saying that at 5 months pregnant, she had had to abort her baby as it had stopped breathing. Not a drop was shed as she told me this, but such is her devastation, I can only imagine.

Which made me realize, we complain and wish to god that we had a minute to ourselves, after spending all day everyday running behind and supervising our children. We do not realize that we have it GOOD. That thought comes in when you hear stories such as my nanny’s.

So to all the tired super mommies out there.. Chin up and March on. Cause tomorrow is another day and you will never get back today.


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