To be or not to be!

Mama.. the other kids have their mommies coming in to pick them up, why cant you do the same? Mama.. why didn’t you come for my swim gala this afternoon? At this point of time, no matter how much you try to explain to the young one that going on a holiday to Bora Bora from Dubai was much easier than trying to come to a gala in the middle of work , you have been made the Gruffalo of her primary class!!

Which made me think.. when the girls look back at their childhood, would they be proud of their mommy who did it all, or would they say i wish my mommy stayed home?

Sure there are times when i have thought i should give it up just to spend that extra time with the girls.  But a little voice inside me says “Then why did you work your ass off to get a good degree”?Also, rising costs in Dubai means if you want to live comfortably, you better put on those Marks and Spencer heels (they are the best) and bring in the dough like your better half.

But for all the complaining and the contemplation of working or not working, secretly, i am proud of myself to help support my family. To know that i can splurge on a few goodies now and then without having to run it by everyone.

But then instances like the Gala, brings me right back to where i started.. To be or not to be.. Guess that is one question i will never have the right answer for.

3 thoughts on “To be or not to be!”

  1. We all have to make tough decisions and no one else can make them for us. For me, years from now when I look back at my life, I don’t want any regrets. That’s a very personal decision. There’s never a black and white answer, just different shades of gray. We make our decisions and hope for the best 🙂


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