Date night!

SO …half term is over and everyone is back to the grind. “Grind” here involves waking up at 5 and nodding off by around 9:30pm out of sheer exhaustion. Hence, a post by someone on my resident community facebook page asking for a babysitter while the couple went on a date night got me thinking..

I remember witnessing a silent dinner between a couple within a month of my marriage and stressing to my husband that him and I would never be that kind of people who had nothing to talk to each other. Well… I also said that I would never give an Ipad to the kids just to get them to eat. Needless to say, the kids got the Ipad and conversations, if any, over the kids excited and various rantings and the family dog’s antics are few and far between. So much for future pledges!!!

But seriously, when you have kids, their lives and their interests seem to push everything else in the background. Your world is them and everything surrounding these tiny beings is what becomes your primary perspective. Even if by some miracle you manage to sneak out of the house for some alone time with your better half, inevitably, the gap between looking at menu and  the food being served is filled with “Did you know what happened in Janki’s class today?” or “Devki would have loved this place” . In short, there is no escaping the kiddo conversation. Sure you can try and make conversation with your husband, but then what do you talk about with someone you share your life with day in and day out? And who basically knows all there is to know? Beats me!

So the concept of “Date night” is a little blurry to me. More so, if it involves leaving your kids with a stranger for 3 hours at night.

But I do understand the meaning of a “Great night”. It involves me in my PJs surrounded by my family eating some Chinese take away.




4 thoughts on “Date night!”

  1. Hey Lakshmy :), very well written, read almost all your posts, I started reading your recent post and then kept on reading the older ones.
    This should resonate with most of the couples with young kids, we recently had this conversation about our life “BEFORE” and “AFTER” kids and absence of romance :D.
    Even when we are together all we talk about is kids or other practical matters.
    Funnily enough we reached the conclusion that when we talk about our kids we are actually talking about ‘ourselves’ because ‘our kids are part of us’ it should definitely qualify as a romantic gesture.
    That should help in overcoming the guilt of missing out on romantic moments, isn’t it? 😀


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