First off, I strongly believe that men and women are NOT equal in all respects. Physically, mentally or emotionally. However, what I do believe in, is that both sexes can contribute equally, in their own way, to the synergy of the family.

Growing up in India, I saw my father bringing in the major moolah, making the investments, buying houses, while my mother, who also worked, managed the day to day household needs with what she brought in.This influenced the way i saw my household to run after marriage. Hubby, lets call him Mr. H, does the major spending , while I look after the smaller expenses.

Fast forward 10 years into the marriage, 2 beautiful children and jobs that enabled us to move to a home in the suburbs overlooking a lake no less , when on our annual discussion on where to go for the summer, Mr. H, casually asked me on whether i would be willing to contribute towards the trip, i was at first surprised and then angry. For isn’t the man supposed to be taking care of such expenses? Why ask me? I am the girl after all?These thoughts may seem antiquated to some, but for me it was, what I assumed was the norm.

Needless to say,  it took me a few days and a lots of discussions with myself and Mr. H, to get my head around the idea of contributing towards a family trip. This included fast forwarding my thoughts from the 1980s to the 21st century. I mean, I do keep shouting to all and sundry that i want to be considered as an equal partner in this firm called ‘My family’.  Thinking that this sets a good example for my girls for their future , seeing mommy being financially supportive in all major expenses.  Not to forget, the opportunity to rub it in Mr. H’s face sometime in the future. Errhmmm.. This I know every woman does!!

I ended up coughing out my share , everyone had a good time and there have been no regrets from my end.

Current day- I am now sponsoring our summer trip all by myself, a gift for Mr. H ‘s 40th.. I drive around a muscle car and wear my hubby’s shirts, it is fashionable now after all. And i kinda like this .. this feeling of Wearing the Pants..



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