Began watching MAD MEN last night and boy or boy.. was i left fuming. Women in the workplace being looked upon and treated as things used to decorate the office ?! A woman client being told her ideas were wrong and unworkable notwithstanding that she had $3M to spend?! All this in the 1950s. But have things changed all that much for the fairer sex at the work place in the 21st century?

Well we do have the Indra Nooyi s and Vicki Hollub s now. We have women filing sexual harassment charges for incidents happening at the work place. Heck, we now have women wearing pant suits!


But pant suit notwithstanding.. have things really changed for women?

Overheard are the the following cases where men candidates were chosen over the women-

‘Because you see she just got married, next stop would be to have kids and we cant have people going on maternity leave’.

‘ She has 2 kids so  she would not be able to handle the long hours’.

‘ She is not married in her 30s, hence not a very happy person, maybe something wrong with her,  and we would not want such a downer in our organisation’.

Oh and the classic. . ‘She looks too pretty so do not think she would be too smart’.

Women who actually get the job, that s a whole other ball game. She stands her ground in a meeting, talks strongly and she is classified stubborn and rude.. In a meeting with other men, unless her position carries a certain weight, whatever she says , even if relevant is all but ignored. AND there is no way in hell that she gets any kind of notice if she is not dressed to the nines every week day from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm. So I ask again, have things changed all that much for the fairer sex at the work place in the 21st century?

Personally, I would say Yes . True, there are many obstacles that a woman has to face which a man does not need to. But employers now are far more open minded than they used to be. I know of some employers who were specifically looking for a woman as they thought she would actually do the work well as compared to a man.

Nevertheless, at the end of the day, you might be referred to as a stubbornly correct person . But that’s just the male ego trying to be appreciative of your greatness.  Or so i tell myself.

I leave you with Beyonce’s lyrics which all ring very True:

Who run the world? Girls!woman

Girls, we run this mutha (Yeah!)

I’m so good with this, I remind you, I’m so hood with this

Hope you still like me, **** Pay me




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