To be a Man!

A couple of lifetimes ago, when I was in the 11th Grade, my teacher asked my classmates and me to write down that one regret we had in our 15 odd years of life on this planet. My response ‘My regret is that i was born as a girl not a man’.

Fast forward to me a few 20 years later. If i were to be asked my one regret now, in all honesty, me not being a man would still figure in the list.

Why you may ask. Well.. let me clarify..If i were a MAN..


My day would typically start with waking up at seven o clock. The kids would be dressed up for school by then, thanks to my wife who was awake an hour earlier, wave my family a Good Morning and then saunter down to the dining room to sip on my tea which is kept piping hot at the table.

Once the wife has taken the kids to their bus, I continue my journey to the living room where  a good hour is spent reading the paper, browsing face book, whats app and Instagram. In the midst of reading an extremely hilarious forward, I do have very funny friends, I wave goodbye to my wife who is heading out to her work. Once I am caught up with the current affairs and social media updates, I get ready for work. I step into my four wheel drive and navigate the Dubai traffic with much ease, if I may add, arriving at the workplace ready to take on the challenges that the day is to bring.At work, I attend meetings with the Director, keep my subordinates in check and basically churn the day out like the star employee I am.

After work, its back home. The kids are in bed, dinner is ready at the table, the wife is reading her book. I watch a few hours of uninterrupted sports with no one asking to change the channel and I go to bed.

Weekends are a whole other ball game. Since being in shape is important, my cricket matches and golf sessions would be taken very seriously.  Friday morning cricket and Saturday morning golf. Hearty lunch and long siestas also called for since after all, I do work long hours and hence deserve to sleep in when I can.

SO.. whats not to love with being a man? To live your life on your own terms knowing fully well, that your capable wife would take care of the home, the kids, their overall development and extra curricular activities and herself.

Sign me up for that life anytime..


The above is a work of fiction and has no resemblance to my husband’s day to day activities.




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