That Night!

Every year , THAT day rolls around. The day when you wake up with the spotlight shining on you, the day your kids promise to be good, the day your husband thinks twice before saying anything to ruin your mood, the day when well meaning friends who you have not heard from in a while, appear on your timeline to wish you happiness. The day that makes YOU turn a year OLDER. The day when the proverbial , ‘Oh dnt worry, age is just a number’ is dished out to you over and over again.

Truth be told, i believed that my age in no way reflects  me or my energy levels.. Ie until THAT NIGHT.

It all began with a decision to go out one evening with a friend who was visiting. The decision was made with an intention to show her a good time and dance the night away, given that it was unclear when next we would see her as she was relocating to another continent.

My sister chose the venue as it was supposedly very ‘happening’ and we set off on our night out at 8:00pm. By 8:30pm we were seated at the table when we realised it was a Quiz night. Well..what s the harm in joining in , the night is still young and competing in the Quiz did seem very interesting, we thought.  One hour in and we were tackling science and entertainment questions , having the time of our lives, sipping on our little cocktails. By 11:00pm, the Quiz came to an end. While we were getting over the adrenaline of having scored the highest in the science round no less, a live band came on stage to commence their performance. They were really good, but it was at this time, the fact that we were over 35 years of age hit us right in our shimmery foundation covered faces.

We all wanted to leave. No, not to another club and dance the night away as per our original plan. We all wanted to go back home. Get out of our high heels, put on our PJs, kick our feet up on the sofa and do nothing.


And we realised something. What constitutes a fun night in your 20s is very different from when in your 30s. In our 20s, the three of us used to stay up all night, going to various clubs, mixing different kinds of liquors, dancing the night away, . But now, way into our 30s, we discovered that staying up after 11:00pm can be challenging and Quiz night is a LOT of fun.

So if someone were to tell me that age is just a number , and that your 30s would be no different than your 20s..i would tell them to take a hike. Cause, according to me, our 30s is when the body and mind prepares us for what s to come in our 40s. Which is playing Bingo while sipping a healthy fruit cocktail on a FUN night out.

I dare anyone to say anything different.



4 thoughts on “That Night!”

  1. I totally agree with you lakshmy. With growing age your interest & definition of enjoyment changes . We just need to relax & go with the flow of our age 😀 The bottom line is that we are having fun at our own pace


  2. Well said . Enjoyed your writing. One word from me keep your mind young . So we will not feel the days rolling . Keep writing.


  3. Lol!!!!! Thats all I can say. Welcome to the enlightenment that comes with age. And trust me, though I miss a lot of things from the years gone by, I would definitely not swap “my wisdom” gained through all these years. So cheers to every day that goes by, well-lived.


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